• Thirthysomething

  • Non-Binary

  • I like video games, some comics, and art

  • Wisp main, simp for Darvo

  • Nintendo Switch player (IGN: Finlaena)

  • Final Fantasy XIV addict (Primal/Ultros)

  • Warframe Creator Partner

Short: I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, and I’m too old to care.

Long-ish: Thirtysomething with a love/hate relationship with fandom through the years. Primarily an artist, occasionally a writer. Not very good at either, but still tries anyways. Irascible and aloof, but a loyal friend once a friendship is made. Suffers no fools, adheres to old school fandom mentality in regards to content one doesn’t like (i.e. “don’t like, don’t read”). Mostly video game fandoms (i.e. Warframe, Legacy of Kain, Final Fantasy, etc), doesn’t care for popular things much. Tends to lean heavily on lesser-known characters/NPCs and ships.

Finlaena = A name generated from a Satyr/Faun Name Generator, no real importance. Doesn’t care what pronouns are used.

fan art

Mediocre fanworks from someone who is way too obssessed.

Please do not repost to other sites. Thanks!

fan art- 2020

Mediocre fanworks from the year 2020. It was primarily a Warframe-centric year.

Please do not repost to other sites. Thanks!


Sequentials ranging from the funny, to the drama, to the dank memes.

Mini-comics, usually 2-4 panels of dubious humor. Most of my jokes are cribbed/adapted from memes or cartoons I liked growing up. I'm actually not that funny on my own, sorry.

All Things Must Pass - A 'Legacy of Kain' fan comic I'd attempted back in 2018, trying to tell the backstory of Mortanius the Necromancer and how everything in his life led to where we see him in 'LoK: Defiance' (and arguably 'Blood Omen'). A lot of this would've been hypothetical and some stuff extrapolated from vague canonical mentions.

This took place pre-canon and before the "genocide of the Ancients", of which Mortanius -and Moebius- participated in. While not wanting to excuse the genocide itself, I wanted to try and understand why Mortanius, an otherwise noble person, would do such a thing and I'd ultimately decided on him being an emotionally vulnerable teenager/young adult who was taken advantage of by someone he liked.

Unfortunately, due to life circumstances and realizing the scale was getting larger -as I would've had to show the actual rebellion itself- than I had anticipated, I stopped work on the comic after page 12. Page 13... sits somewhere in my iCloud drive, unfinished.

This was done in Procreate, and while I was trying to experiment with an easy way to color... looking at it, it's a little difficult to read, and for that, I apologize.


NOTE: I am not typically open for commissions. On the rare occasion that I am, here's the details on how I roll.

My commissions are priced based on time and effort, also the fact art is not my day-job and that my personal life often demands my attention more than I can devote to my personal hobbies. (I also suffer carpal tunnel syndrome, which is bad enough that it limits the amount of time I can spend drawing these days)

With that in mind, please allow up to 2 weeks for completion. If in the event it cannot be completed in a timely manner, a prompt refund will be issued and no excuses given.

Simple, Monochrome Sketch, no B/G:
$15 USD

  • Single character only, full-body or 3/4ths

  • Monochrome colors (mild gradient mapping)

  • No Background

  • Additional Character: $10/ea

Simple Drawing, Colored, Minimal B/G: $50 USD

  • Single character only, 3/4ths or full-body

  • Basic colors/rendering

  • Minimal background (i.e. solid shape or color)

  • Additional Character: $25/ea.

Fully Rendered Drawing, /w B/G:
$150 USD

  • Single character only, full-body

  • Advanced colors/rendering

  • Background

  • Additional Character: $75/ea

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission offer for whatever the reason.

  • At this time, I will not do NSFW/Adult Commissions.

  • For all Original Characters (including FashionFrames, Operators, and WoLs), visual references must be provided. I will not work off of text descriptions.

  • If you are commissioning something with someone else's OC, I require written consent from the other person.

art from others

Amazing works of art from other people, either done as gift art, art trades, or commissions.